O2 Care Services

Automation of daily reporting of digital campaigns


levels of analysis: source, lead, contract


of data aggregated


hours saved per month


The O2 Care Services marketing team worked with TrackAd to meet the following three objectives: 

. Reduce the time spent on reporting and collecting advertising costs

. Analyze the ROI of each campaign on a daily basis

. Automate the generation of the internal performance analysis report

O2 Care Services

Sector: Personal services Location: France Turnover: 32 million €


In order to meet these objectives, TrackAd has connected to various data sources via API :

. Google Analytics to have all the conversion paths and lead information

. Traffic sources to get information about campaigns (costs, clicks, …)


TrackAd has also enabled an automatic export via API of TrackAd data into Google Sheets. The destination file was created with pre-saved formulas. This way, TrackAd data integrates directly into the right cells of O2 Care Services’ internal reporting and provides the team with complete, detailed, daily campaign tracking.

TrackAd was able to automate our internal report which is essential for analyzing our digital campaigns. The report is updated in one click and contains complete information both globally and for each campaign. This allows us to analyze our sources and campaigns from day to day and week to week. The time previously spent collecting information and updating the report is now spent analyzing and optimizing our campaigns. Congratulations to the TrackAd team for this solution!
Anthonin Blot
Campaign Manager


. Automation of the Google Sheets report used by O2 Care Services while keeping the original format

. Daily ROI monitoring at each data level, starting at the Source level and working down to the Lead and Contract levels.

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