Analyse despite the refusal of consent


of e-commerce orders tracked in TrackAd


year of historical data recovered and treated


of total orders reattributed


The cookie consent banner on Phildar’s website caused a sharp fallin the share of traffic tracked by Google Analytics.

Phildar saw a 30% loss of orders in Google Analytics. There was the same impact on the turnover used for the analysis of digital campaigns.

It had become a priority to integrate these orders to the performance of digital campaigns to make the right arbitrages on advertising investments.


Industry: Creative hobbies Location: France Annual turnover: 34 millions €


. Phildar integrated into TrackAd the online orders recorded in its CRM but absent in Google Analytics

. Thanks to a new functionality, TrackAd has enabled the distribution of these orders between the different traffic sources in proportion to the performance of these sources the previous day

. TrackAd distributed the orders not tracked by GA over the previous 12 months according to this same logic

"We were looking for a tool that would give us a view of our e-commerce performance in line with our actual performance, as we had it before our analyses were truncated due to opt-out. TrackAd met our needs! The analysis tables and comparison pages that now contain the complete information of our orders allow us to make detailed analyses by source, based on the mixed data of our analytical solution and our CRM."
Emmanuelle Conte
Head of e-commerce


. Phildar now has 100% of the orders in TrackAd as well as the total turnover generated by the digital activity

. Every day, the TrackAd algorithm distributes the orders not tracked by GA to the traffic sources according to their results of the previous day

. Phildar is now able to make year-on-year comparison analysis thanks to the recovery and treatment of historical data in TrackAd.

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