Saving budget & time


Saved monthly budget of Affiliate channel


Saved hours for closings


Saved hours of IT project management


. Closing with affiliates took too long, about 25 hours per month for the marketing team

. The launch of a new traffic source was difficult due to the overload of the IT department


Industry: telecommunications Location: Sweden Annual turnover: $3 billion


On the one hand, TrackAd closing solution has made it possible to achieve quick closings with the 3 affiliate platforms used by Tele2. The additional benefits were a total control of affiliate fraud that was not identified before TrackAd was used: toolbars, cookie stuffing, and deduplication. 

On the other hand, the use of TrackAd tag container solution has empowered the marketing team. No more need for IT support to launch a traffic source.

Our collaboration with TrackAd has exceeded all our expectations. Our partnership could be summed up in 3 sentences: saving money, saving time and happiness.
Maxim Sakib
e-commerce Director


. 25 hours per month saved through affiliate closings

. 10 hours per month of IT project management saved for the launch of new traffic sources

. An average of 48% of the monthly budget of the affiliate channel saved thanks to the TrackAd anti-fraud solution

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