TrackAd 360

Take the high road

Cut through the noise and get straight to the point

Ask the right questions, get actionable insight

TrackAd enables you to identify the ROI of any traffic source, and for each order, know the real cost of each touchpoint. You get all the data you need to make profitable marketing investments in an easy-to-interpret package.

Up to 50%

of CPO decrease

From 10% to 30%

of ROI increase

About 30%

of time saved

The complete solution

TrackAd is the product of years of experience at the cutting edge of data management, machine learning, UX and performance marketing. It has been designed from the ground up to be the all-in-one solution to the most complex challenges faced by marketing teams on a daily basis.

Automated cost collection

Multi-device traffic analysis

Email alerting

Cost segmentation by CRM status

Automated reports

Advanced marketing attribution

Fraud protection

Tag management solution

Predictive analysis

TrackAd Intelligence

AI-generated insight for increased performance.

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