Take full control of your affiliation

Manage the control of your CPA orders in 2 minutes

Open the Excel file with the orders claimed by your CPA network

Copy and paste order IDs in the interface of TrackAd Affiliate

Get the list of orders to pay to your CPA publishers

2 versions adapted to your needs

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Take advantage of the most advanced features on the market

     Manage your publishers

  • Analyze the performance of each publisher based on your analytical solution
  • Configure your own attribution rules by publisher type
  • Enhance the contribution of your affinity publishers and bloggers to the customer journey
  • Automate exchanges with your CPA platform via web service  

        Control your commissions

  • All types of commissions are taken into account
  • Modulate your commission rules according to your publisher types
  • Adapt your commissions to your recruitment and loyalty objectives
  • Create temporary rules per publisher for your special operations

        Accelerate your closings

  • Automated monthly closing with your CPA network and direct publishers
  • Detailed report of the closing with validations and cancellations for each order
  • Fast data recovery via Excel or Google Sheets
  • Compartmentalized access to closings for your CPA networks and direct publishers

Identify fraud

23 % of publishers' orders flagged

Automate monthly closings

2 minutes to check the orders of your publishers

Boost your revenue

Add value to your best publishers

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