REIMA Increase in orders from new customers

of orders from paid traffic sources
Saved monthly in data collection
of share of new customers


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$150 million


  • Launch many new acquisition sources to get fresh traffic and recruit new customers
  • Have a unique data collection system
Yulia Pantyushkina
Head of e-commerce

“I worked successfully with TrackAd on my previous position. So when I joined Reima we decided to launch it without any doubts. It is a great pleasure to work again with the efficiency of TrackAd and TrackAd team!”

The solutions

  • Activation of the TrackAd collection tool in order to have real-time marketing investments by traffic source
  • Collection of data from Reima’s CRM (status of the order, type of client, the final value of the order, …)
  • In a single system, Reima can now analyze the performance of its traffic sources on the basis of about twenty KPIs including real-time CPO and the percentage of new customers.

The results

  • 82% increase in the number of orders from paid traffic sources
  • 20% increase in the share of new customers
  • 30 hours monthly saving of time for data collection

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