Google Data Studio plugin support page

How to add and authorize TrackAd connector
Go to and log in with your Google account.

To add TrackAd connector, go in Create > Data Source

Search for TrackAd connector by typing TrackAd in top input

After clicking on the connector, you need to enter your TrackAd username and password

Once you are connected you can select the name of the project you want to pull data from

After clicking on next, you can select which type of data you want to pull.

The data types are as followed:

1. Orders

The information about orders present in your TrackAd.

2. Source participation

The information about daily participation for each active sources in your TrackAd.

3. Source

The information about daily statistics for each active sources in your TrackAd.

4. UTMs

The information about statistics for each active UTMs in your TrackAd.

Once you have selected the type of data, you can finalise by clicking on Connect button on top right of the page.

Your data source connector has now been created, you can start using it in your reports.

I have a problem with my connector

If you have a problem with your connector, you can contact support through the chat in your TrackAd or you customer support email.

You can also fill your question in the form below:

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