Atlas For Men Optimization of Criteo campaigns

Cost Per Order reduction
ROI increase
decrease of marketing cost
Atlas For Men


outdoor apparel




$270 million


  • Reduce the customer acquisition cost
  • Increase the ROI
  • Decrease the monthly investment
Atlas For Men
Marc Delamarre
CEO Atlas for Men Group

TrackAd has allowed us to better understand our marketing mix and the involvement of different traffic sources in recruiting new customers. In the end, Criteo has become our most effective recruitment tool.

The solutions

  • Enabling Criteo’s deduplication tag in Last Paid click to standardize TrackAd and Criteo data
  • Segmentation of Criteo traffic into 4 campaigns, each with its own tracking code and bidding
  • Real-time collection of Criteo investments in order to monitor customer acquisition costs as closely as possible
  • Creation of daily email alerts on over and underperformance of the four Criteo campaigns
  • Sending automated weekly reports to analyze detailed performance by campaign
  • Filtered access to TrackAd for Criteo’s account manager to share the same information


The results

Thanks to the advanced features of TrackAd, Altas for Men has achieved significant results from the very first months of the collaboration.

  • 35% reduction of Cost per Order
  • 81% increase of ROI
  • 45% decrease of marketing costs

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