Côté Sushi Anti-fraud protection

affiliate budget saved
orders with cookie stuffing
hours saved per month
Côté Sushi


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40€ millions


  • Simplify the creation of monthly closings with the affiliate platform
  • Identify different types of fraud within the affiliate program
  • Analyze the performance of different affiliates in the program
Côté Sushi
Yohann Boua
Digital Marketing Manager

“Managing affiliate fraud was one of my main challenges. The implementation of TrackAd has not only allowed us to automate this process, but also to save a significant budget. We were able to save almost 50% of our budget by excluding fraudulent affiliates from the program and are now saving 20% per month. Now we can focus on improvements to the program such as personalized remuneration for different types of affiliates or special operations with our most important affiliates.”

The solutions

  • Automatic connection via API to the Côté Sushi affiliation platform in order to obtain the list of affiliates, their ID, their type (cashback, promo code, affinity content publishers, etc.) and the commission per order
  • Monthly analysis by affiliate of significant discrepancies between the data from the affiliate platform and the analytic solution in order to detect cookie-stuffing
  • Analysis of affiliate performance over a 4-month data history to identify fraudulent affiliates and exclude them from the program

The results

  • 50% of affiliate budget saved
  • 32% of affiliate orders affected by cookie stuffing
  • 7 hours per month saved due to automated closing

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