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As part of the launch of its internal affiliation program, Decathlon needed to meet the following needs:

  • Track the program’s overall performance on multiple KPIs.
  • Track performance by publisher with flexibility on attribution models
  • Use only First-party data
  • Create a tracking dashboard in Google Data Studio for the project team and for publishers
  • Manage the program as a whole with minimum resources and maximum efficiency
  • Control the quality of traffic and orders generated by publishers to avoid abuse.
Cyril Collin
E-commerce Director

“With TrackAd, we were able to launch an internal affiliate program in less than two weeks. It enabled our teammates to generate income for themselves and the company during the Covid crisis. On the strength of this positive experience, we will set up a network of internal and external ambassadors.”

The solutions

TrackAd has developed advanced connectors for Google Data Studio in order to allow the creation of a 100% customized dashboard, so as to offer:

  • a global follow-up of the performance of the internal affiliation program
  • performance follow-up for each publisher.

A quality control of the traffic sent by each publisher has been set up. The following performance indicators have received particular attention: share of new visitors, bounce rate, conversion rate, share of new customers, etc.

The different types of fraud were also part of this control, in order to avoid any form of abuse: cookie stuffing, toolbar, duplicated orders, forbidden types of traffic…

The use of the data in Google Data Studio has made it possible to set up specific formulas for the calculation of publishers’ remuneration and the calculation of their bonuses.

TrackAd has configured exports in Google Sheet for the management of publishers’ payments.

Order statuses have been integrated into TrackAd thanks to an automated workflow from Decathlon’s CRM. This has allowed to automate order cancellations and validations as well as the calculation of commissions.

A ranking of the best publishers has been published in free access for all publishers in order to motivate them to send more traffic and generate more turnover.

The results

  • 240 publishers participating in the program with performance tracking on 20 KPIs and automated commissions
  • 40 hours saved each month for the team in charge of the project
  • 100% reliability on the quality of traffic thanks to the anti-fraud analysis which allowed to be reassured on the origin of traffic and orders.

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