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GO Sport’s marketing teams implemented TrackAd to meet the following three objectives:

  • Identify the campaigns that generate the most new customers
  • Limit the budget invested in retaining existing customers
  • Analyse all orders generated despite refusal of consent
GO Sport
Camilo Maza Martinez
Head of Acquisition & Monetisation

“With TrackAd, we have automated the retrieval of data from all our platforms and our back office. Today, all our reports are automated, which has saved us a lot of time in managing our campaigns. We have also improved the granularity and frequency of our analyses, based on complete and verified data. We have shifted our time to partner facilitation and decision making. This has significantly improved our performance.”

The solutions

In order to meet these objectives, TrackAd has implemented the following solutions:

  • Recovery of data on GO Sport orders via a CSV file on an FTP
  • Aggregation of a multiplicity of data: date of the last order, final turnover, promotional code used, delivery cost, type of order, etc.
  • Creation of the dimensions “New customers” and “Existing customers” for all campaigns

The results

  • GO Sport can now measure the impact of each campaign in acquisition and retention
  • The analysis of digital acquisition performance is based on all orders generated and not on partial data
  • The digital team controls the advertising budget invested on existing customers and drives the action plan to reduce it.

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