Jules Reduction of Criteo's Cost of Sale (COS)

Decrease of COS
Increase in sales


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  • Reduce the cost of acquisition per order of Criteo campaigns
  • Increase sales and revenue generated by Criteo campaigns
Traffic manager

“The TrackAd team is very responsive and offers very relevant recommendations. The performance of our retargeting campaigns is excellent!”

The solutions

  • Updating Criteo’s Lower Funnel campaign set-up :
    • Modification of the bidding strategy towards an adaptive optimization in target CPO to increase conversion and sales volume
    • Reduction of the retargeting range – time since last visit – to limit the targeting of the cold audience and reduce the COS
  • Optimisation of bids based on multi-channel Last Paid Click attribution, instead of the single-channel Post Click attribution proposed by Criteo.

This is in order to have the vision on the real efficiency of the campaign by finishing the conversion paths, taking into account all the traffic sources

  • Launch of Criteo campaigns on the Upper Funnel, dedicated to the acquisition of new traffic in order to maximise the web presence and try to get more orders
  • Launch of a Criteo “Store to Web” campaign to attract customers who usually buy in shop to the merchant site.

The results

Thanks to the changes made by TrackAd, Jules obtained significant results compared to the same period of the previous year:

  • 77% reduction in COS of Criteo campaigns
  • 300% increase in sales generated by Criteo

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