Jules Anti-fraud protection

of fraudulent orders in the Affiliation channel






JULES had three main goals in its use of TrackAd Affiliate:

  • Obtain an anti-fraud analysis based on data from its analytics solution (Google Analytics)
  • Facilitate the management of monthly closings with the affiliate platform
  • Identify the different types of fraud within its affiliate program
Maxime Maillard
Digital Acquisition Manager

“TrackAd Affiliate has proven its effectiveness the very beginning of a month of testing. The results of the anti-fraud audit allowed us to reveal significant fraud in our affiliate program and to take the necessary measures to eliminate it. The ease of use and the transparency of the results encouraged us to implement the tool on Brice.fr, another Fashion3 brand. We are very satisfied with our collaboration.”

The solutions

In order to meet the objectives of JULES, TrackAd has implemented the following solutions:

  • Connection via API to the JULES’ analytical solution tracker to retrieve all customer journeys
  • Connection via API to the JULES’ affiliate platform in order to obtain the list of publishers, their IDs, their type and the commissions of the generated orders.
  • Analysis per publisher of significant discrepancies between the data from the affiliate platform and the data from the analytics solution in order to reveal suspicions of cookie-stuffing

The results

29% of commissions claimed by the affiliate platform were saved, with the following division:

  • 15% of orders were showing cookie-stuffing behaviors
  • 10% of orders had deduplication problems
  • 3% of orders were presenting toolbar suspicions
  • 1% of orders raised had unknown identifiers

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