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Automated cohort report
KPIs monitored: ARPU and LTV
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The BHV digital team had three goals they wanted to meet with TrackAd:

  • Track New buyer cohorts over time and analyze their repeat purchases to determine their ARPU (average revenue per user)
  • Determine the average Lifetime Value (LTV) of customers within a cohort of new buyers to determine the profitability of a marketing operation
  • Identify the most and least profitable acquisition levers by measuring their impact over an extended period of time
Le BHV Marais
Vincent Castet
Traffic manager

“TrackAd was able to set up this report, which was essential to the analysis of our new buyer cohorts. With the automated sending we receive the information we need for our analysis without even having to go to the platform. And we are now more efficient in identifying the most profitable acquisition levers. Thank you to the TrackAd team for listening, being flexible and responsive.”

The solutions

In order to meet its objectives, BHV connected its TrackAd 360 to its data sources via API:

  • Google Analytics to have all the customer paths
  • traffic sources to get information about campaigns (costs, clicks, …)

BHV also fed its TrackAd 360 with its CRM data via a CSV import file. This allowed them to connect information on buyers and their purchases with digital campaigns.

Then BHV and TrackAd worked together on the format of the report to make it easy to read and effective for analysis.

Finally, this report was integrated into BHV’s TrackAd 360 to be automated.

The results

  • Anytime access to LTV, ARPU and new buyers cohorts in an automatically generated report
  • Identification of the most effective acquisition levers in generating value over an extended period

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