Sephora Evaluate advertising effectiveness through attribution

growth of orders from paid traffic sources
increase of orders in the affiliate channel
increase in orders from new customers


cosmetics & beauty




$4 billion


  • Have a decision-making solution and possibility to measure the value of each paid marketing investment in real time
  • Try specific attribution models for the different types of online channels to increase the efficiency of paid marketing actions
Polina ROSS
Head of E-commerce advertising

“We work with TrackAd already 4 years and we are impressed by the high efficiency of the tool. We increased strongly our performances and all the boring tasks have been automized. We dedicate now all our time to efficiency improvements.”

The solutions

  • Activation of TrackAd with a custom Last paid click attribution model, excluding all free sources like SEO or referral traffic.
  • In addition to default Last paid click performance, TrackAd gives also in the same window First click performance (orders, CPO) for each traffic source and campaigns.

Thanks to these multiple attributions, Sephora had a better understanding of the marketing mix and the efficiency of each traffic source. To achieve this, Sephora used different analysis depending on the source type:

  • For upper funnel sources bringing fresh traffic, analyze was focused on First Click CPO and Share of new clients,
  • For lower funnel sources closing conversion path, analyze was focused on Last paid click KPIs.

Additionally, there was a benefit for affiliate programs, allowing upper funnel publishers to get more commissions. As a result, the volume of traffic and orders has increased significantly.

The results

  • 2 times growth of orders from paid traffic sources compare with average growth of website
  • 250% increase of orders in the affiliate channel
  • 10% increase in orders from new customers

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