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  • All data to analyse performance is gathered manually which makes it time-consuming and not real time, it became important to reduce the time spent on reporting and collecting advertising costs
  • The analysis of performance of acquisition channels for lead provided by Google Analytics is not enough, it is important to follow the funnel of leads to understand profitability
  • Too Good To Go has sites in 17 countries, each with different analytics, traffic sources, CRM, and it is important to compare the results of different countries
Too Good To Go
Gaspard Strauss
Head of Lead Generation

Identifying the sources of all our leads and measuring our effectiveness in terms of acquisition is complicated because the data is distributed in different tools. Our reporting takes a lot of time and needs to be updated frequently. We arrived at 98% data reliability and several hours of monthly reporting saved.

The solutions

  • TrackAd Cost collection was launched on 17 countries to gather daily all costs from traffic sources
  • TrackAd implemented a connection with Salesforce to collect the status and value of leads, and link it to the information gathered from Google Analytics, giving a full view of conversion path and funnel
  • Using TrackAd connector with Google Data Studio, a dashboard with aggregated data from the 17 countries was built

The results

  • Automated data collection in TrackAd is used for reporting to internal stakeholders on a daily basis: effectiveness in terms of lead generation and conversion to final states, revenue and money spent

    Google Data Studio dashboard that allows to analyze data for all countries in one place and compare the results on acquisition channels, sources and leads level

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