Verisure Belgium Anti-fraud Protection

37 %
of commissions saved
97 %
of cookie-stuffing
8 h
per moth saved
Verisure Belgium


Alarms and remote monitoring




55 million €


Verisure contacted TrackAd to meet the following objectives:

  • Get a detailed overview of the performance of its three affiliate platforms
  • Facilitate the management of monthly closings with its affiliate platforms
  • Identify the different types of fraud within its affiliate programs
Verisure Belgium
Aurélie Van De Steen
Online Lead Generation Specialist

“The ease of use of TrackAd Affiliate has allowed me to quickly get the hang of closing with our platforms. The results are transparent and refer to the first party data – the data from our analytics solution. I also note the time I save with instant lead control. Thank you TrackAd, the goals you set have been successfully met.”

The solutions

TrackAd offered Verisure the following implementations:

  • Support in setting up the prerequisites for tracking events on the Verisure website
  • Ongoing support of affiliate platforms to standardize tracking parameters
  • Identification of suspicious leads through analysis of suspicious behavior and abnormal deviations

The results

  • 37% of commissions claimed by affiliate platforms were saved
  • 97% of rejected leads showed cookie stuffing behavior
  • 8 hours per month were saved by automating closures

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