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TrackAd 360 meets the challenges of managing acquisition campaigns

Automate data collection
Have a First Party Data vision
Analyze the contribution of different levers to sales generation
Analyze ROI daily to make the right decisions
Integrate CRM data to segment performance analysis
Automate reporting
Be informed daily of under- and over-performance
Reconcile offline and online data
Validate the quality of orders generated by the affiliate channel
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Features Unique features for efficiency

Automated ad spend collection
Customizable alerts on 20+ KPIs
Performance segmentation by audience
Real-time ROI monitoring
Advanced marketing attribution
Track actual performance vs. objectives
Multi-device traffic analysis
Detailed conversion paths
Fraud protection in affiliate channel
A/B testing of banners

Impact Contribution Analysis

“With multiple attribution models, we were able to better understand our marketing mix and the effectiveness of each traffic source. We have greatly increased our performance and all the boring tasks have been automated. Now we are focused on improving our performance.”

Polina Ross
Head of E-commerce Advertising at Sephora

Focus Connection to your analytics solution

TrackAd 360 automatically connects to the analytics solution you trust, in order to better manage the profitability of your paid traffic. 

The TrackAd 360 plus: our products also connect with internal tracking solutions (server-side tracking).

Impact Automated data collection

“TrackAd collects all the data we need. It allows us to save a lot of time. We have also improved our performance, as the time previously allocated to data collection is now dedicated to analysis and decision making.”

Andrea Galassini
Digital Marketing Manager

Performance Analyze your Acquisition and Loyalty separately

TrackAd 360 allows you to analyze the performance of your digital campaigns in terms of acquisition and retention.

TrackAd 360 connects to your CRM solution via API, CSV or XML in order to aggregate key data: type of customer (new, existing), order status, margin, promo code used, final order value.

This data is combined with data from your analytics solution and your traffic sources. 

You will be able to measure the impact of your recruitment campaigns in order to manage efficiently your investments.

Identify the contribution of your different levers Identify the contribution of your different levers

Get away from analyses based solely on last click! Long live contribution analysis!

For all those who want to go beyond the shortcuts made by analytical solutions, here is the ideal feature: a dynamic graphic visualization. It allows you to understand at a glance the typology of each lever: conversion path initiation, closing, autonomy or support. All in real time.

Live, Mail, Support center Customer Centric

Our Customer Success team is fully dedicated to the success of our customers. 

They will help you reach the objectives defined together during your onboarding. TrackAd power-users are also experts in digital acquisition and use their knowledge to improve your performance. 

With an NPS score of 67, TrackAd’s Customer Success is reputed to be one of the best in Europe. 

Impact Affiliate monitoring

“The main objective was to have a deep analysis of our affiliate marketing. TrackAd has allowed us to improve the accuracy of our fraud analysis. TrackAd also provided us with the necessary reports to exclude these frauds from our affiliate program.”

Izabella Angelova
Head of Brand & Partnerships

TrackAd 360 users particularly appreciate :

The ease of integration into their technical environment
The automation of reporting
Regular and free updates and new features

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