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TrackAd Affiliate addresses the challenges of affiliate marketing:

Automate data collection
Analyze the contribution of different affiliates
Integrate CRM data to calculate commissions
Analyze the performance of your affiliates to make the right decisions
Validate the authenticity of orders generated by affiliates
Automate alerts and reporting
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Automate the collection of data from your affiliate platform

  • TrackAd automates data collection from all your affiliate platforms
  • TrackAd offers unified real-time control

Impact Anti-fraud protection

“The benefits of working with TrackAd are significant. We have been able to reassure ourselves about the quality of our program while identifying optimizations with immediate benefits. We continue to use TrackAd’s anti-fraud protection which is a necessary insurance to develop our affiliate program with confidence.”

Florian Clairet
Affiliate Project Manager

Focus Validate the authenticity of orders from the affiliate channel

TrackAd offers a simple interface that allows you to check in 2 minutes if your sales are really attributed to the right affiliate.

Impact Create your own affiliate network

“With TrackAd, we were able to launch an internal affiliate program in less than two weeks. It allowed our teammates to generate revenue for themselves and for the company during the Covid crisis. Based on this positive experience, we will be setting up a network of internal and external ambassadors.”

Cyril Collin
e-Commerce Director

Focus Make huge savings and reinvest them

TrackAd Affiliate gives you all tools to pay only for conversions that are justified by your first-party data: the affiliate must be present in the conversion path and in a position to be commissioned.
TrackAd Affiliate also helps to identify the use of fraudulent technologies, such as cookie stuffing or hidden toolbars.

Live, Mail, Support center Customer Centric

Our Customer Success team is totally dedicated to the success of our customers.
They will help you reach the objectives defined together during your onboarding. TrackAd power-users are also experts in digital acquisition who use their knowledge to improve your performance.
With an NPS score of 67, TrackAd’s Customer Success is known to be one of the best in Europe.

Impact Affiliate Control

“TrackAd Affiliate proved its effectiveness in the first month. The results of the anti-fraud audit allowed us to reveal a significant fraud in our affiliate program and to take the necessary measures to eliminate it. The ease of use and transparency of the results encouraged us to implement the tool on Brice.fr, another brand of the Fashion3 group. We are very satisfied with our collaboration.”

Guillaume Berdzinski
Digital Acquisition Manager

TrackAd Affiliate users particularly appreciate :

Arbitration on first-party data
The elimination of the "black box" effect of affiliate marketing
The possibilities offered by the platform to develop the affiliate channel

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