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TrackAd Collector meets the challenges of performance analysis

Automate data collection from Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Criteo...
Automatically collect advertising spend for each campaign
Export collected data to Google Data Studio, Power BI, Salesforce...
Analyze daily the ROI of all your campaigns to make the right decisions
Activate quickly: immediate launch, no integration, premium support
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Automate data collection

  • TrackAd Collector automates data collection from all your sources
  • TrackAd Collector offers unified real-time control

Impact Data aggregation

“I am 100% satisfied with the features of TrackAd Collector! We now have a daily and automated collection of advertising investments. It is a tool with a simple and easy to use interface.
I also appreciate the support of TrackAd’s Customer Success team and their ability to quickly resolve all our requests.”

Guillaume Berdzinski
Digital Acquisition Manager

Focus UTM matching

TrackAd Collector automatically matches the tracking codes (UTM, xtor, …) of your data sources with those of your analytics solution. The latter will be fed with your advertising investments, without any action on your part.

Focus : get started in 5 minutes TrackAd Collector: simple to launch, easy to use

  • No technical integration
  • Immediate activation
  • Active 24 hours a day – 365 days a year
  • Multiple options for exports
  • Integrate agency commissions to refine your ROI analysis
  • Onboarding and Support included (NPS of 67)

Impact Automated data collection

“TrackAd collects all the data we need. It has saved us a lot of time. We have also improved our performance, as the time previously allocated to data collection is now dedicated to analysis and decision making.”

Andrea Galassini
Digital Marketing Manager

Live, Mail, Support center Customer Centric

Our Customer Success team is totally dedicated to the success of our customers.
They will help you reach the objectives defined together during your onboarding. TrackAd power-users are also experts in digital acquisition who use their knowledge to improve your performance.
With an NPS score of 67, TrackAd’s Customer Success is known to be one of the best in Europe.

TrackAd Collector users particularly appreciate :

The time savings
The granularity of the data collected daily
The quality of the support

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