TrackAd Collector – Google Data Studio connector

Create custom reports in Google Data Studio using your TrackAd Collector data


Thanks to TrackAd Collector connector for Google Data Studio, you can easily use your data in any dashboard and display the data as you like.
You can use other connectors to blend TrackAd Collector data with other data can include TrackAd Collector data in Google Data Studio by following the next steps:
1. Connect in your Google Data Studio and click to add a new data source
 2. Select the connector “TrackAd collector”
 3. Enter your login and password from TrackAd Collector
4. Select the project you want to pull data from (in case you have accesses to several TrackAd projects)
5. You can start creating dashboard
To know more about the connector use, you can go to TrackAd Collector – Google Data Studio plugin support page.
You can also review the privacy policy and the terms of use.