Welcome to TrackAd

TrackAd develops SaaS technologies dedicated to the optimization of digital advertising.
The analysis and optimization of digital performance are key elements in the quest for profitability. Advertisers who integrate this process gain ROI points and significantly increase their competitive advantages.
TrackAd users see the ROI of their digital campaigns increase by an average of 27% while saving 260 hours per year on time-consuming tasks.

TrackAd was created in 2015 by Maximilien Jacquet, Guillaume Le Roy and Emilien Roux.
With more than 150 clients, TrackAd is the European leader of the digital advertising optimization.
The company has 50 employees across Europe.
TrackAd Group is a self-financed and profitable company.

TrackAd technologies allow you to :

  • Centralize analytics, advertising and CRM data in one interface
  • Automate the collection of costs and more than 30 performance indicators from 200 traffic sources
  • Automatically generate campaign and performance tracking reports: omnichannel, attribution, cohort, LTV, anti-fraud….
  • Analyze the impact of your advertising actions with dedicated analytics tools and numerous connectors

The founders

Maximilien Jacquet
Managing Partner
Guillaume Le Roy
Emilien Roux

Our values

TrackAd’s values are the fundamental principles that define our approach to business, the way we work with our customers, suppliers and business partners and the well-being of our team. They are the driving force behind our decisions and actions.