TrackAd Google Data Studio plugin – terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (hereinafter “T&Cs”) are about the TrackAd plugin for Google Data Studio (hereinafter “the Plugin”). They include important information regarding the Plugin, its functioning and the company who provides it.

Please read them carefully before contacting TRACKAD (using the contact details below) should you not find here all answers to your questions.



The Plugin is developed and provided in the European Union by TRACKAD FRANCE, a French simplified joint-stock company with a capital of EUR 26,000.00, VAT number FR80 831322938, and its registered office at 3, rue du Colonel Moll – PARIS 17 (75017) (FRANCE), and in Russia by TRACKAD RUSSIA,  a limited liability company.

Depending on whether you are an EU-based or a Russia-based customer, “TRACKAD” herein refers to TRACKAD FRANCE or TRACKAD RUSSIA respectively.

TRACKAD also offers a broad range of marketing analysis services which may be used in connection with the Plugin (hereinafter “the TrackAd Services”).

The TrackAd Services (including TrackAd 360, TrackAd Affiliate, TrackAd Collector and TrackAd Lead) are described for informative purposes on TRACKAD’s official website and in the technical and commercial documentation which may be provided to you at your demand by TRACKAD.


The Plugin is a connector for GOOGLE’s service Google Data Studio, which allows you to integrate and visualize different data collected and/or generated in the context of your use of one or several of the TrackAd Services (hereinafter “the Data”) directly in Google Data Studio.

To be able to use the Plugin, you and/or your organization must (i) have a valid and functioning Google Data Studio account and (ii) have a valid agreement in force with TRACKAD allowing you to use one or several TrackAd Services, from which the Data shall be imported in real time in Google Data Studio by the Plugin.


Only organizations which are current TRACKAD’s clients, with a valid service agreement in force with TRACKAD allowing them to use one or several TrackAd Services, may activate and use the Plugin.

Therefore, you must verify your identity for the Plugin to be activated, by entering your TrackAd client ID (as provided by TRACKAD) in the respective Google Data Studio interface, failing what activation of the Plugin shall be impossible.

If you do not have a TrackAd client ID or if you lost or forgot your TrackAd client ID, please contact TRACKAD at If you or your organization have (has) a valid service agreement in force with TRACKAD authorizing you to use the Plugin, we will provide you with your client ID; if not, we will propose that you enter into such a service agreement with TRACKAD depending on your needs.


The Plugin and the way you use it are entirely governed by the service agreement you or your organization have (has) with TRACKAD. Please note that absent any such service agreement, you will not be able to activate and use the Plugin.

These T&Cs only have a purely informative value; they are not binding on either you or TRACKAD and cannot modify or replace the service agreement you or your organization have (has) with TRACKAD.

Any dispute relating to your use of the Plugin shall be solved in accordance with the terms of the abovementioned service agreement.


The underlying software of the Plugin is protected under copyright laws; the respective rights belong exclusively to TRACKAD and/or, as applicable, other companies of the international group which includes TRACKAD (hereinafter “the TrackAd Group”) and/or were licensed to TRACKAD by their third-party owners.

Also, all distinctive signs and works used in the context of TRACKAD’s commercial activities may be protected by virtue of applicable intellectual property laws; these include:

  • The “TrackAd” trademark, which is protected in the European Union as EU trademark no. 14595417;
  • Domain names and, which are protected under applicable domain names regulations;
  • All visual and design aspects (graphic charter), texts and underlying software of the website, which are protected under applicable copyright laws.

The respective intellectual property rights belong to TRACKAD and/or to other companies within the TrackAd Group.

Except if expressly stipulated by TRACKAD, use of the Plugin and/or TrackAd Services and browsing on the website does not grant you or your organization any right or license whatsoever on these intellectual property rights.

Any copy, use, communication or making available to the public of any of these protected elements, either in full or in part, may justify civil or criminal proceedings and sanctions under EU or national laws and regulations, at TRACKAD’s discretion.


TRACKAD collects and processes certain personal data relating to its clients, leads and users for its own purposes, such as managing commercial relationships and optimizing its various services and technical solutions.

As for TRACKAD FRANCE, you will find all appropriate information on the way we collect and process these personal data and the measures we take to preserve your rights in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in our Privacy Policy.


You may contact us for any question or claim relating to the Plugin, the TrackAd Services or these T&Cs:

  • By email at;
  • By postal mail to the head office of, respectively, TRACKAD FRANCE or TRACKAD RUSSIA, as mentioned under Article 1 hereabove;
  • By phone at (+33) 1 53 81 77 37 .

We will do our best to answer your question/claim as expeditiously as possible.



These T&Cs were updated for the last time on 17th November 2020.

TRACKAD may periodically update these T&Cs, for instance after a modification of the Plugin, a modification of the terms and conditions of the Google Data Studio platform or a modification of applicable laws and regulations.