Son-Vidé Anti-fraud protection

of saved budget
of orders with cookie-stuffing
of orders with deduplication problems


Hi-fi and home cinema




37 millions €


Son-Video requested the help of TrackAd Affiliate to resolve the following three issues:

  • Optimize its Affiliate budget by eliminating fraud and reinvest the savings on to the best performing publishers
  • Get an anti-fraud analysis based on first-party data from its analytics solution (Google Analytics)
  • Facilitate the management of monthly closings with the affiliate platform
Hugo La Hutte
Director of Development

“TrackAd Affiliate has allowed us to improve the tracking of our Affiliate channel, which is an important channel for, and has also provided us with support in optimizing our Google Analytics. Thanks to the results obtained at the end of the test month, we were also able to update our affiliate tracking, which now gives us a detailed and well-structured view of the performance of each affiliate in the program.
Finally, with TrackAd we have saved a significant budget and we are now sure that we are working well with our affiliates.”

The solutions

In order to help Son-Video meet these objectives, TrackAd has implemented the following solutions:

  • Identification of tracking problems
  • Support in updating of the tracking codes on the affiliate platform side to have a detailed performance per affiliate
  • Configure deduplication to deprioritize free sources that compete with the affiliation
  • Analysis per affiliate of significant differences between the data from the affiliation platform and the analytics solution in order to track suspicions of cookie-stuffing

The results

  • 40% of the membership budget has been saved
  • 24% of affiliate orders had cookie stuffing behaviour
  • 14% of affiliate orders had deduplication problems

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