Ekoï Increased ROAS and daily control of investments

increase in ROAS
aggregated sales areas
of budget for Criteo


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> €40 000 000


  • Increase ROAS
  • Monitor in a single interface the performance of acquisition campaigns from all traffic sources (Google Ads, Facebook, Criteo, Effinity) in 9 countries
  • Control the performance of digital acquisition and the marketing budget invested
  • Save time spent on data collection and reporting by a small marketing team
Jérémy Durand
E-commerce Sales Development Manager

“We were experiencing problems reading attribution, tracking the performance of marketing levers and losing data in Google Analytics. 

First of all, TrackAd allowed us to be more reactive in the management of our acquisition levers and to increase our ROAS.

Then, thanks to the aggregation of our CRM and Google Analytics data, we are able to consolidate 100% of our revenue.

Finally, the different attribution models allow us to have a clearer vision of the contribution of each lever, particularly in the upper-funnel.”

The solutions

  • Import of data from several sources: Google Analytics, CRM solution, Google Ads, Facebook, Criteo etc.
  • Creation of a customized traffic source structure with filters by sales area, by campaign type, by traffic source, by agency and by UTM
  • Setting up alerts on under- and over-performance to allow the marketing team to react quickly to ROAS variations
  • Creation of a custom multi-country dashboard in Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) with TrackAd data

The results

  • +100% ROAS compared to the previous year
  • -67% of investments on Criteo for the same order volume compared to the previous year
  • 18 hours per month saved on time-consuming tasks that were reinvested in performance analysis and decision-making

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