Ouihelp Monitoring the performance of lead cohorts

hours saved per month
reduction in acquisition costs
levels of analysis: sources, leads, lead status


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  • Having a customized and optimal tool to track lead conversion
  • Save time on data collection and reporting
  • Analyze campaigns on a micro and macro level
Audrey Rigaudeau
Head of Acquisition

“We chose to integrate the TrackAd tool in a context of strong growth in acquisition and with the objective of structuring our actions and diversifying our levers. The Customer Success team understood our business challenges and was very attentive to the problems linked to our internal processes. This allowed us to set up the tool in a personalized and optimal way. With the lead funnel that now contains our personalized statuses, we can track the conversion rate of leads from one status to another. 

We’ve been using TrackAd for a few months now and it’s a real gain in efficiency on a daily basis thanks to the automation and flexibility of the reports. It saves us time and allows us to optimize our conversion rates and acquisition costs thanks to advanced analysis at both the micro level of our campaigns and at the macro level, particularly on attribution.”

The solutions

  • Retrieve site analytics data from the following data sources: Google Analytics, paid traffic sources, Ouihelp CRM system
  • Creation of a customized lead funnel to track lead conversion rates
  • Provision of a variety of automated reports for internal use

The results

  • The customized lead funnel allows Ouihelp teams to track leads generated on the site in detail
  • 6 hours of work are saved each week thanks to automated reports
  • The digital team monitors the advertising budget invested in existing customers on a daily basis and drives the action plan to reduce it
  • TrackAd’s analysis tables aggregate all the data needed to make quick and relevant decisions at all levels: campaigns, traffic sources, acquisition channels

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